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Inherent Beauty IV
  • Inherent Beauty IV

    Purple caul fat skins on black wooden tiles, framed in black wooden frame

    500mm x 500mm x 80mm


    Options white call fat tiles on black wooden tiles, framed in white wooden frame.

    • Inherent Beauty IV was inspired by Inherent Beauty an installation commissioned by Public Room in Skopje, Macedonia. The installation was created from over 600 square tiles, mathematically arranged on the gallery wall to resemble a tapestry. Each black tile (20x20cm) was layered with membranes from pigs’ stomachs to create surprisingly beautiful images.


      The objective roughness, bluntness and ugliness of the medium that Hadzi-Vasileva uses (e.g., membranes from a pig’s stomach) are reformed Nature, metamorphosed through the artist’s skilled hand and into an artwork that gains new subjectivity and therefore narrative which has both a general and individual thought stimulations. The visual sensation of her concept lies in the multiple monochromatic mimesis of the spectacle, which changes from square to square, with an accent on texture as a dominant element and at the same time creating a rhythmically visual dynamic. Every square has its own different poetry, its own stamp, existence and pulse.


      Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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