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Off Cusp V
  • Off Cusp V

    Sequoia, steel, 23.5ct gold leaf, Black pearl lamp holder, Blue Lozenge Cotton and Natural Linen Cable

    960mm x 260mm x 100mm



    • Off Cusp V, a light made with bio product from Cusp. The shape of the timber it is from the original cuts and shapes that created Cusp, it has not been changed or manipulated. Every light is very unique and original it is handmade to order in different size, with choice of sequoia or oak, light bulbs, colour cable and fittings start @ £350


      Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


      Cusp is a highly ambitious, striking, large-scale site specific sculpture, 11 metres in height and 10 metres in diameter, the monumental design is formed by intricate metal trusses, built in green oak and sequoia. Cusp aims to act as a destination for visitors; offering a robust but natural-looking marker in the landscape, as well as narratives that can be read and re-read in diverse ways. It is an iconic form that entices the visitor, encouraging people to use their own imagination, both from a distance as well as in close proximity to the work. Cusp engages with hidden aspects of a place, in particular ideas on dwelling. People in and on the land have been a key interest of Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, especially the sense of transitioning of populations based on interactions with changing nature, and the sense of living in a place as a community. Woodland historically offered a place to dwell for both people and nature yet forms of dwelling and permissions to dwell have changed in line with varying industries, rulers, and the laws of the land, sometimes causing conflict between peoples or on environmental grounds or for animal well-being.

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